Wherever You go You’ll Never Walk Alone Luis…Thanks for everything..!!

Luis Suarez is an incredible player who scores goals for fun. His eye for the back of the net and instinctive finishing makes him one of the world’s greatest strikers and arguably places him amongst the top five players in the world right now. He also creates lots of assists and works hard for the team by tracking back to help the midfield. He displays the unbridled passion of a child playing soccer on the street, by simply wanting to score goals to help his team win, but it’s not blind passion. Suarez is a genius with a quick mind and the athleticism to match his creative thoughts. He can create something out of nothing and does it on a regular basis. He developed a partnership of awareness with our captain Stevie G and we, as fans smiled every time they played a slick one two cutting defences wide open. We were equally gratified when we saw him sing YNWA alone in the stands with his daughter Delfina (anagram of anfield) or when he took time to meet and greet with fans outside the stadium. We were again endeared by his cheeky side when he celebrated a goal with a dive in front of then Everton manager David Moyes.
These are just some of the many reasons, we love Suarez and why many of us will undoubtedly feel disappointed and even betrayed if his somewhat imminent departure materialises.
Despite his extraordinary talent and exciting skills, we are all more than aware of Luis Suarez’s bad side. Before he arrived at Anfield he had a patchy disciplinary record with Ajax, most notably he served a lengthy ban for a biting incident. The same Suarez handled a goal bound ball and got sent off for Uruguay against Ghana in the World Cup. The resulting penalty was saved and Suarez brashly celebrated in a rather unsporting fashion. So we knew from the off we weren’t signing an angel by any means. We all hoped it might be merely immaturity and that he’d grow out of it and develop his talent in Merseyside.
He certainly did develop his talent but unfortunately his questionable attitude developed also. During Luis Suarez’s Liverpool career, the talented forward has been culpable of dives, deliberate handballs, alleged racism and of course the unsavoury biting incident (no pun intended). He has been overly confrontational with referees and displayed poor behaviour by visibly huffing and complaining on the occasions he has been substituted, thus showing a lack of respect for his manager’s decision to make the change.
That said, many players have been accused of similar behaviour and escaped punishment or ridicule in the press. The FA and media bias has been obvious. There has been a witch-hunt of sorts and Suarez can understandably feel aggrieved. Suarez got longer bans than Terry (racism) and Defoe (biting) and got labelled a diver more frequently than Bale who has been booked for simualation more often. These are the facts, and these facts certainly highlight the Uruguayan’s perceived alienation from the EPL, but unfortunately the truth is, there are few players who are guilty of so many different allegations. Having a player like Luis Suarez in your team is a poisoned chalice so to speak. You are guaranteed moments of inexplicable magic but you can also be fairly certain he will cause a PR nightmare for the club too.
So, there are pros and cons with having him in your club, but I have to be honest, the pros outweigh the cons, and any defender who has ever come up against him would agree with me. Players want to play alongside Luis Suarez, not against him.
Well, it now appears that Luis has handed in a transfer request citing the FA and Media bullying as the main reason for his discomfort, and already there are photos floating around the net of fans burning Suarez shirts and shouting traitor. This is simply ridiculous! Yes, if he leaves it will be disappointing, but if you’re going to leave, there are two things you must do, to uphold your image with the club and it’s fans. Do it at the start of the Summer transfer window and move to a non-premiership club. It looks fairly certain that Luis will achieve both of these targets, and that’s what makes him a gentleman compared to Fernando Torres and the fashion in which he departed us.
In his statement/interview Suarez made it very clear that he loved Liverpool FC and it’s fans but he and his family have felt increasingly scape-goated and that living in England has become very difficult for them. Yes he brought a lot of the negative attention on himself but I can understand his fears. I’m sure he and his family can enjoy a day out in Liverpool anytime, but it must be a nightmare to try to visit any other city or town in England, when people shout Racist or Cannibal at him in front of his own wife and daughter. It wouldn’t be a healthy family environment to say the least.
Let us not forget we will likely acquire over 40 million if/when he leaves us. Most rumours state it will be a bidding war between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and maybe even some of the top Italian clubs. I personally would like to see 20 million with Alonso and Di Maria coming from Madrid. I’d jump at that deal. Our biggest problem would be if we get a cash only deal. Other teams will try to rip us off like the way it happened with Andy Carroll. Also, we don’t have European football to offer the top players. Anyway, all of that remains to be seen and this piece is supposed to be more of an obituary.
In closing, Luis Suarez is a Liverpool legend, a troubled genius like all great artists. He gave his all when he wore the Liverbird on his chest and I thank him for it. He made us forget Torres. He made us forget the revolving door of managers. He made us forget changing ownership. He made us forget we weren’t qualifying for the Champions League. He made us love watching our team Liverpool.
If it happens, I’ll be sad to see him leave, but wish him all the best in his future. A future I hope which is in the headlines for the right reasons.
You’ll Never Walk Alone Luis.


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